Exclusive! XM offers $30 for free & 100% Deposit Bonus

XM, an Online Forex and CFD broker which seems to be really acquiring the large part of the Forex market, wouldn’t be simple bad choice to be your broker.

With its many positive reviews, the broker is also building its steady operational system and good reputation.

If you are interested in the quality of XM but still hesitating to open accounts, I have written how XM is superior than others in some points later in this article.

But first, let me introduce 3 exclusive bonus promotions offered by XM.

Following the below 3 steps, you can earn maximum benefits from the promotions.

xm.com official website main page

30 USD “No Deposit Bonus”

This bonus is the first step to start trading with XM.

This bonus promotion is run by XM at all times and available to any clients who sign up with XM.

Generally, you can receive this 30 USD from XM only one time for free.

The amount 30 USD is not available for withdrawal but you can withdraw the profit amount made on the bonus amount.

You can trade with the high leverage 1:888, so it wouldn’t be the hardest thing to make profits even it is only $30.

How to receive the bonus?

1, Register with XM from the official website

You will need to open Demo or Live account in order to register with XM.

2, Verify your trading account with documents

You will need to submit a copy of your ID and Proof of your Address. It may take about 24 hours or more for XM to verify your documents.

3, Request for the Free 30 USD from the “XM Member’s Page”

After the verification of your trading accounts, you will have an option to receive 30 USD.

4, Start trading with XM’s funds and earn profits

Profits can be withdrawn into your pocket!

Some main conditions are as follows:

Amount of the Bonus 30 USD or 25 EUR
Requirement to receive Verify your account with documents
Bonus Amount Withdrawal Not Available
Profit Amount Withdrawal Available at anytime

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100% Deposit Bonus

After receiving the Free 30 USD, if you have decided to continue your trading with XM, you will need to make a deposit.

But please do not forget to receive this Exclusive “100% Deposit Bonus”!

*This promotion is not listed in the XM Official Website.

The bonus amount is up 500 USD by just doubling your deposit amount.

This is a “100% Deposit Bonus”, so you can double up your deposit amount up to 500 USD.

If the deposit amount exceed 500 USD, 20% bonus will be applied on the exceeded amount.

How to receive the bonus?

1, Open a real/live trading account with XM

You cannot receive the bonus on Demo account.

2, Verify your trading account

You need to submit a copy of your ID and a Proof of Address Document, to XM via email.(or you can also send documents from the XM’s Members Area)

3, Make a deposit and request for the “100% Deposit Bonus” to XM

Please make sure to notify XM that you are not looking to receive other deposit bonus, but the Exclusive 100% Deposit Bonus.

Some main conditions of the bonus:

 Bonus Category Exclusive Offer(Not listed in the official website)
 Maximum Bonus Amount 500 USD
 Requirement to Receive Verficication of account and Deposit
 Profit Amount Withdrawal Available at anytime
 Bonus Amount Withdrawal Not Available

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Forex Demo Trading Championship to win 1 million dollars


This may be the most gorgeous “Risk Free” Forex Trading Contest with awards of “1 million dollars” in total.

Why it is the most “gorgeous”?

Because the awards are “1 million USD in total” & “these cash awards are withdrawable immediately”.

XM maybe the only one broker where you can trade virtually in MT4 Demo Trading Account and the real cash money as awards which are available for withdrawal without conditions.

The details of the Demo Trading Contest

Contest Period 1st of June in 2016 – 19th of May in 2017
Number of Contest 12 times during the year
Who can join? Anyone who can open the Demo account on the web
The total award amount  1 million USD
Monthly award amount 50,000 USD
Contest Fees None
Cash Award Withdrawal Available at anytime
Where to sign up?  Go to XM Official Website

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Conditions to fund withdrawals?

If you are a Forex trader especially addicted to Profits you can earn by receiving Bonuses, you must know about “withdrawal conditions”.

Well, XM’s these 3 bonus promotions, I just introduced have got different withdrawal conditions.

1, 30 USD No Deposit Bonus

The bonus amount 30 USD is not available withdrawal, but the profits made on the bonus is withdrawable.

2, 100% Deposit Bonus

The bonus amount up to 500 USD is not available for withdrawal even if you make trades, but the profit amount generated on the bonus is withdrawable.

3, 1 million Demo Trading Championship

The awards in total “1 million” is available for withdrawal. So you become one of the top traders, you earn real cash money to your pocket.

The contest is available for a whole year, and monthly.

XM, at your service.

Other than these bonuses, you may want to know how XM is better than others.

Let me point out some points to explain “Why should you choose XM?”.

  • Higher Leverage

XM offers leverage up to 1:888, and it is higher than many other online Forex brokers’.

The average leverage is around 1:400 to 500.

By trading with higher leverage, you can also leverage your opportunities to earn more profits.

  • Stable good positive reputation

For an online Forex broker with 7 years of operation, XM has surprisingly low number of negative complains.

It proves the quality of its customer service and and how stable its trading environment is.

  • Trade from 0.001 lot

There are not so many brokers you can trade from super mini lots unit.

Through XM’s Micro account, you can place orders from 0.001 lot. 0.001 lot equals to 100 units(or 100 dollars).

That minimum trading size is so small that, even MT4 sometimes is unable to show the profit/loss values.

The risk management doesn’t start from leverage deduction, it starts from the risk exposure with your open position.

As many traders already know, you can normally trade from 0.01 lot with other Forex brokers.

  • The number of clients

XM has achieved to have more than 500,000 in this 7 years.

The number is not really small comparing to other online brokers.

For your information, only one out of many largest Japanese Forex brokers has achieved to have more than 500,000 clients this month(June in 2016) for over 15 years of operation. (and aquisitions)

Like I said, you may not be able to find a perfect Forex broker though, you can find a better ones out of many.

And XM shouldn’t be a worse choice.

If you are looking to trade Forex and haven’t decided your broker, why not open an account with XM and start earning some free stuff?

Go to XM Official Website

Enjoy free money campaign! FBS giving away 123 USD for Forex Trading!

Looking to invest your money to Forex? Well, let’s start with this.


Free stuff is always good, there is no demerit on that because it is free!

If you are looking to start investing to Forex, Stock or Commodities, you should definitely join this promotion.

  • How much do you need for the investment?

Zero, you do not need to deposit any money to start trading.

  • What is the risk? what can you lose by this investment?

Nothing, as 123 USD is provided for you from FBS. Well, time is something you could consider to lose though…

Let us explain the details of the promotion, because you wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Who is FBS?


FBS is an online Forex & CFD broker which is active since 2009.

It is one of the biggest Financial Broker in the world based in Belize, and FBS achieved to have more than 1 million traders registered in 7 years.

By opening a trading account with FBS, you can trade Forex currency pairs and Precious Metals.

  • How to trade Forex and Metals on the web?

Well you may want to trade and learn by yourself, rather than just reading some trading manuals.

With FBS, you can trade through MT4(MetaTrader4) the most famous trading platform in the world.

You can either start trading with the free real money 123 USD, or MT4 Demo account with virtual money.

*If you are interested in the service quality of FBS, you can read the reviews from this page.

What is this “$123 No-Deposit Bonus”?

This FBS 123 USD No Deposit Bonus is the ultimate Forex Promotion ever launched.

As $50 No Deposit Bonus has been the common amount among Forex brokers, 123 USD is surely exceptional.

And not just the amount of the bonus, FBS also offers the highest leverage in the world, 1:3000.

So combining 123 USD No Deposit Bonus & 1:3000 Leverage, it should be the hardest thing to do for you to start making profits.

  • What is this 1:3000 leverage?


The average leverage in the Forex industry is around 1:500 or less, but the FBS’s leverage 1:3000 is the highest in the world & in the history.

This leverage means that you can trade 3000 times more of the actual account balance.

e.g. If you have 1 USD in your account balance, you are able to place a trade which is worth 3000 USD.

In the case of FBS, you can trade which is worth 369,000 USD by joining this “$123 No Deposit Bonus”.

How does it feel to invest 369,000 USD which is not your money, for free?

Well, who wouldn’t give it a try?

How to receive the bonus?

All process from the account opening, deposit, trading and withdrawal is made on the web.

The account opening process is quite simple.

1. Go to FBS Account opening page

2. Select “Bonus $123” account type, and fill in other boxes.

fbs bonus 123 usd account

3. By clicking on the “open an account”, the account will be opened immediately though, please make sure that you have saved all account information with you before closing pages.

4. Now you have got the Trading Account Login Credentials, all you need to do after this is download the MT4 (the Forex Trading Platform) and login.

  • So where do you receive the 123 USD?

It is already in the account. All “Bonus $123” account, will have its first account balance as 123 USD and it is all yours.

*But please remember that you can only receive this 123 USD one time and the 123 USD is available only for 7 days from the account opening.

Is it risky?

By receiving this 123 USD and start trading Forex, you can’t lose your own funds nor any extra costs or fees for that.

All you will need is just the time for the experience.

It is totally free of charge and risk-free, guaranteed!

  • So what is the merit for FBS by giving away their money?

Well, we have said that it is totally free to receive, but there is one condition for withdrawing funds to your bank account.

Yes, the 123 USD is available for Forex trading, but you cannot just transfer the money into your pocket.

You must trade with the money, or it will be gone in 7 days anyway.

Still FBS is giving it away to traders for free, so no one wouldn’t miss this chance.

This is the great opportunity for everyone to get to know Forex.

Go to FBS Official Website

Land-FX 30% Deposit Bonus on every deposit

It is the best bonus promotion among others in Land-FX.

Land-FX is now willing to offer

30% Deposit Bonus Promotion

Up to 3000 dollars

On every Deposit until the maximum bonus amount

The Broker used to offer 10% and 5% Deposit Bonuses though, this time the promotion will outrace others.

Although the bonus amount is not available for withdrawal, it will be credited to your trading account on every deposit and can be used for trading purpose.

How to receive the bonus

This promotion is also for existing clients and clients who already applied for other deposit bonuses.

In case you already have trading accounts with Land-FX, you will need to switch the promotion from the client portal.

In case you don’t still have a trading account with Land-FX, but looking to start trading, please follow the instruction below.

  1. Open a real/live trading account with Land-FX
  2. Verify your information by submitting copies of ID and POA(proof of address)
  3. Apply fo the promotion from the client portal
  4. Make a deposit more than 300 dollars
  5. Receive 30% extra until the bonus amount reaches 3000 dollars

Land-FX Official Website

Some main conditions are as follows:

  • Deposit amount needs to be more than 300 dollars to receive the bonus amount
  • The bonus amount is not available for withdrawal
  • There is no expiration dates for the bonus amount
  • The bonus amount will be deducted when you make withdrawals
  • This promotion is available for one account per person

Land-FX Official Website

XM $30 No Deposit Bonus & 100% Deposit Bonus -Exclusive Offer-

Exclusive Offer ! Not listed in the official website !

XM is an Online Forex & CFD Broker founded in 2,009.

The broker has acquired more than 500,000 clients over the years, and it is growing globally and rapidly.

$30 No Deposit Bonus

Get the free bonus and earn profits without risking your funds.

Main Conditions:

 Bonus Amount  30 dollars
 Withdrawal of the Bonus Amount  Not Available
 Withdrawal of Profit later on  Available without Requirements
 Other Conditions None

How to Receive:

  1. Open a Real/Live account with XM
  2. Submit required Documents(ID & POA)
  3. Request for the Bonus amount through the “Client Portal”

Receive $30 for Free

100% Deposit Bonus

Double up your Funds without restricting your withdrawal conditions. You can receive 100% Deposit Bonus after receiving $30 No Deposit Bonus.

Main Conditions:

 Bonus Amount  Up to 500 dollars
 Withdrawal of the Bonus Amount  Not Available
 Withdrawal of Profit later on  Available without Requirements
 Other Conditions 20% Bonus will be applied on deposit amount more than 500 USD

How to Receive:

  1. Open a Real/Live account with XM
  2. Submit Required documents(ID & POA)
  3. Make a Deposit
  4. Apply for the Bonus through the “Client Portal”

Open an account with XM

The Best is XM


Reviewing their service over the years, XM can be chosen as one of the Best Brokers in the world.

Why XM is The Best? There are lots of reasons of that, and let us compare XM with other averaged Brokers.

Leverage up to 1:888

Not so many Brokers offer leverage more than 1:500. XM is one of a fewer broker with this much high leverage offered through MT4.

Your XM trading accounts are protected by NBP(Negative Balance Protection), so this means that your profit is 888 times more and loss is limited to the invested amount only.

Bonus Promotions and Contests

XM offers several bonus promotions such as:

  • $30 No Deposit Bonus
  • 100% Deposit Bonus
  • Trading Contests

Well, Bonuses shouldn’t be the main reason for choosing your broker, but why not receive it if it is free?

CySEC regulated and ICF protected

CySEC is the most popular financial regulation based in Cyprus. Along with the major authority, XM is a member of ICF(Investor Compensation Fund).

This means that you can be compensated up to 20,000 Euro in case XM failed to meet its obligation with its clients can caused a loss.

Not just a segregated account, but your funds are more than just protected.

No Negative Reviews

Over 7 years, XM has got great reputation built up and there is almost no negative reviews against the broker.

XM takes a good care of its clients and their first priority is its clients’ benefits.

No interference, no price manipulation and no withdrawal delays or rejections.

Go to XM Official Website

Trade Stocks & Metals with “$50 No Deposit Bonus” by XTrade

The largest CFD broker with more than 800 CFD instruments available!

XTrade is one of the largest CFD broker in the world with more than 800 CFD instruments available through one trading platform.

For many Investors, trading CFDs is even better than trading the actual underlying instruments in many ways.

Now XTrade offers variety of bonus promotions, including up to $50 No Deposit Bonus!

Sign up today, and start trading Stocks(shares), Commodities(Metals, Gas etc) and even Forex with free $50 with XTrade.

Before explaining the “No Deposit Bonuses”, let me point out why traders choose XTrade to trade CFDs.

Go to XTrade Official Website

Why CFD tradings XTrade?

  • Access to more than 800 CFDs in one trading account

From anywhere in the world as long as you have internet.

  • High leveraged CFD tradings

Up to 1:200. Now you can trade with small funds.

  • Lower Costs than others

No extra commissions are charged. Spread is the all the cost you need to pay.

  • Dividend bonus paid for Stocks

Just like as if you are a shareholder.

  • Signup and start trading within a few minutes

Process is as simple as possible for anyone.

1. Phone Verification Bonus ($20)


This is the first step to earn up to $50 No Deposit Bonus by XTrade. All you need to do is just verifying your phone number with XTrade, and you will have $20 credited in your accoun.

Please follow the steps below:

1. Login to your account from the official website

xtrade online trading platform login

2. Select Account Options and go to “Phone Verification”

3. Receive SMS message with a verification code

4. Type in the verification code in the screen

5. $20 is all yours

Now go to the next step and earn $30 more.

2. Account Verification ($30)


You can earn $30 for free by just verifying your trading account with documents.

XTrade requires copies of ID(Identification Document) and POA(Proof Of Address).

This account verification is one necessary step for all traders in order to make withdrawals.

So why not receive the free $30 now, if you need to receive it anyway later on.

Please follow the instructions below to receive this bonus.

1. Login to your account from the official website

xtrade online trading platform login

2. Select Account Options and go to “Account Verification”

3. Submit required documents

4. $30 will be credited within 2 business days from the approval

Start trading 800 CFDs with XTrade

The Best 100% Deposit Bonuses by Forex brokers

Some gorgeous bonus promotions from online FX brokers.

In order to choose your broker, the bonus promotions can be one thing you may want to consider.

There are some types of promotions such as:

  1. No Deposit Bonus
  2. Deposit Bonus
  3. Trading
  4. Real/live Trading Contest
  5. Demo Trading Contest

Here I will list up one of the most popular bonus “100% Deposit Bonus” and its conditions.

What is 100% Deposit Bonus?

By using a “100% Deposit Bonus”, you can double up your deposit in a second.

For example, if you deposit 1000 dollars, you will have 2000 dollars available in your trading account.

Doubling up the available balance in your trading account means double the leverage and double the opportunities.

It is surely one of the luxurious bonus though, there are always conditions to promotions.

Here, I will list up 5 online Forex brokers in a ranking style with its general conditions.

1. FBS

FBS official website main page

FBS is regulated by IFSC in Belize and CRFIN in Russia, which has succeeded to acquire 1,200,000 real/live account opened in only 7 years of service.

FBS offers the highest leverage in the world which is 1:3000.

FBS might be the most stable broker with enormously gorgeous promotions in the world.

The main conditions of the “FBS 100% Deposit Bonus” is as below.

100% Deposit Bonus maximum amount $20,000
Withdrawal Conditions for the bonus amount 1 standard lot for $3

*One thing you need to be aware of is that if you apply for this bonus promotions, he maximum leverage in your trading account will be limited to 1:500.

Go to FBS Official Website

2. XM

xm.com official website main page

XM is a CySEC regulated broker with 1:888 leverage.

The broker has opened more than 500,000 real/live accounts in the past 7 years.

Not so many gorgeous promotions are run by XM though, the broker offers 100% Deposit Bonus and the main conditions are as below.

100% Deposit Bonus maximum amount $500
Withdrawal Conditions for the bonus amount Not Available

If you deposit more than 500 dollars, you can receive 20% Bonus for the exceeded amount from XM.

*One demerit of the 100% Deposit Bonus would be, this is available for Standard and Micro account only, but not for the XM Zero account where you can trade with average spread from 0.6 pips(including all extra commissions).

Go to XM Official Website

3. FxGlobe

fxglobe official website main page

FxGlobe is a broker which is actively promoting in Europe and also other countries.

The founder of this broker used to be(or maybe also now) a Money Manager and he has made the broker favorable for licensed Money Managers.

If you are a Money Manager, FxGlobe is one broker which is worth contacting for more details.

The main conditions of the 100% Deposit Bonus is as below.

100% Deposit Bonus maximum amount $5000
Withdrawal Conditions for the bonus amount Required lots = Bonus amount / 5

Please note that if you have not traded the required trading lots before making withdrawal, 50% of your profit will be taken by FxGlobe.

If you are looking to trade with FxGlobe longer, the conditions wouldn’t bad for you.

Go to FxGlobe Official Website

4. iForex

iforex official website main page

iForex has been active for over 20 years as a broker and regulated by CySEC.

The broker offers its advanced trading platform called “FxNetTrader” which is even easier and simple in terms of usability.

iForex has got one of the oldest history as a broker.

The main conditions of the 100% Deposit Bonus is as below.

100% Deposit Bonus maximum amount $1000
Withdrawal Conditions for the bonus amount Not available for Withdrawal

Please note that iForex does not allow certain trading methods such as:

  • Scalping
  • EAs
  • Algorithm Tradings
  • API
  • Arbitrage

If your main trading methods are not categorized as above, iForex may be the better choice for you.

Go to iForex Official Website

5. MXTrade

mxtrade official website main page

MXTrade is a broker regulated in Belize, IFSC.

The broker had some regulatory issues in some countries though, so far the broker is not working in bad faith.

Please note that MXTrade does not allow Scalping(within 5 minutes), EAs and arbitrage tradings. If you are going to trade with MXTrade please confirm more details by contacting the customer service.

The main conditions of the MXTrade’s 100% Deposit Bonus is as follows:

100% Deposit Bonus maximum amount Contact MXTrade
Withdrawal Conditions for the bonus amount Required lots = Bonus amount / 10

Go to MXTrade Official Website