Land-FX 100% Deposit Bonus celebrating UK’s FCA License!

Exclusive offer by Land-FX, 100% Deposit Bonus.

Land-FX to be offering “100% Deposit Bonus” celebrating itsĀ “UK FCA” Financial License.

This is a pre-announcement as Land-FX is going to release full information on 16th of June, 2016.

NZ and UK regulated Land-FX

Land-FX used to be regulated by FMA, which is an official Financial license in New Zealand.

One thing you need to know about this NZ Financial License is that, many brokers which seem to provide financial service from New Zealand, only claims to be registered by FSPR in New Zealand.

And many online Forex & CFD brokers show it as its official financial license in New Zealand.

But, FSPR is just an online company registration in New Zealand and number of companies are believed to be registering their FSPR with virtual office which they have paid for some agencies in New Zealand.

So if you find an online Forex and CFD broker, which advertise their brand as FSPR regulated, but not FMA.

Then the broker may not really have their office in New Zealand nor regulated by any Financial Authorities.

But Land-FX is different.

Land-FX has been regulated and officially authorized to provide financial services by FMA in New Zealand.

Along with the NZ Financial License, Land-FX has announced that the broker has also acquired Financial License, FCA this June, 2016.

The company which has acquired the FCA license is “Land-FX UK Ltd” in United Kingdom.

Please note that the brokerĀ “Land Prime Ltd” in New Zealand, which is mainly active recent years, is a different entity from this one.

Anyway, as UK’s FCA license is not a financial license which is easy to have for any brokers, Land-FX has proven to have decent business running toward all over the world.

Arbitrage is prohibited

Although, it is a great promotion to run 100% Deposit Bonus, that is also because Land-FX used to offer only 30% Deposit Bonus or other promotions with less amount available.

But although the broker is running brokerage business as a STP/ECN broker, which means that Land-FX does not manipulated prices nor interfere clients’ orders at anytime, the broker does prohibit “Arbitrage” tradings.

The type of arbitrage tradings which are mainly prohibited are:

  • Arbitrage trading abusing bonus promotions
  • Arbitrage trading to give advantages to yourself by the differences of Swap Points
  • Latency Arbitrage especially on CFDs

But you are allowed to trade many other trading methods, such as:

  • Scalping
  • News Time Trading
  • EAs/Algorithm Trading
  • APIs
  • Trailing Stops

As there are many precedence before, if Land-FX finds that you are trading arbitrage or any other illegal activities, then your profit may be cancelled partially or totally.

It you haven’t decided, then Why not Land-FX?

A broker which is regulated by two major financial Regulatory Authorities, FMA in New Zealand & FCA in United Kingdom, can be on reason to choose them as your broker.

The number of well-known accreditation, shows how their service is.

You can also securely deposit and safely manage your funds with Land-FX, as all your funds are deposited into segregated account which is separated from the funds for the normal operation of Land-FX, and Land-FX UK Ltd is a member of FSCS which is available for compensating up to 75,000 GBP in case Land-FX has failed to meet its obligations to its clients.

Land-FX is goring rapidly and acquiring more and more markets around the world.

It may not be a bad choice to choose them as your broker.